Portfolio Feedback (Illustration Style)

Here is my portfolio:



GitHub repo:

Please provide your valuable feedback. Thanks!


Hey @paulsonstech!
Your project looks awesome.

Did you use only HTML and CSS?
Good job.

Thanks and Happy Coding!

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ITS LIT! :fire: :fire: :fire: , Awesome! Keep up the good work! and Good Luck!


Hey Bro, Your portfolio looks awesome. But I personally find your technical documentation page to be more impressive. I too have been learning here on FCC. I finished two projects of RWD and am going to start the third project. After going over the content and styling of the technical documentation page, I wonder if you already knew web development.

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Looks great! It does something weird though when decreasing browser’s size

Good job!

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Your project looks flawless. I’m really impressed. Good job :+1:t2:

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Thanks @codely, @bedward, @naveennavy219, @eldave and @Pirate_Rabbit for your valuable feedback and time. I appreciate it.

That is because I used smaller breakpoint (768px) for the hamburger button to appear. I will try increasing the breakpoint value :+1:

It took me one month to complete this project. I was too lazy and if I write some code, it won’t work at all! I was depressed many times and impostor syndrome was slowly affecting me. But, I somehow completed it. The last part I did with rush because I want to end this. I too personally like my tech doc because I did it with heart and this with laziness :upside_down_face:

Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback once again!


Damn this is neat! Minimal design and I like how the sections are styled. Much better than what I can do.

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Thank you very much @hassanuddinishak :grinning:

@paulsonstech Your portfolio looks good and professional. I would say to replace the images in the projects section with screenshots of your projects.

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Thanks for the feedback @brandon_wallace. I had first put real images in the projects section. But, the image was of different sizes and didn’t match the entire style of the page. That’s why I put illustrations there.

I will swap it with real images later, anyway. Thanks again!

Hey @paulsonstech This looks awesome!! I was wondering where you are :smile: you just disappeared after Technical Documentation page.

I know exactly how that feels every next project took longer than the previous one I also took more than 2 weeks to complete my portfolio and mostly I wasted time tried different things but they won’t work or just won’t look good I felt depressed I took 2 weeks but actually worked like for 2 days only, and i also rushed to just get it done :joy: I mostly just re-used things that i did on previous projects like the hamburger menu i didn’t bother to make a new one. But you have done far better than me.

Now as for suggestions i would also like to see screenshots of projects, and Idk something feels wrong when a button is clickable but the cursor don’t change. It would be better if you change the cursor to pointer on the buttons and hamburger menu.

That’s all everything else looks good.

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How did you do the slanted white against black background?

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Thanks @mdshariq for your time.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It makes me feel better when I realize that I am not the only one who experienced this :joy:

I always forget to make the cursor pointer! I will change it, by the way.

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I used clip paths for that. There are other ways as well, but this is more easier. If you are concerned about browser support, check it here

For using clip paths, this tool will help you:

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