Portfolio Feedback - Knight Designs


I’ve recently finished the responsive design section and designed a portfolio page.

Soon I would like to host this on AWS and add projects to it when I’ve completed a few more.

Eventually I would like to spend this to future employers so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

NB: There are a few spelling mistakes I haven’t yet corrected.

Thanks in advance,

Looks nice. I see you’re using Waypoints. How in particular are you using it? What is it controlling?

Thanks Dave.

I’m using it to control the nav bar - it should have an underline under each section which is currently displayed on the window

Very nice! Is your own moto “Combining passion, elegance, clean code and best practice.” :D? Great design!

From a design perspective, the gradients that you used for designs to did seem to ‘fit’. They are a pretty pink and teal, while the rest of the site has more of a denim-blue feel to it.

Maybe consider changing the color choices for the gradients?