Portfolio feedback Mostly self written code. feedback

This is my portfolio project please give me feed back I pretty much manually hand wrote all of the code with the exception of the nav bar I picked up on the internet

If it matters try to remember I’ve only been coding and designing for 2 weeks.

Thanks everyone.

Hey, jpugh2692, I think this looks great. You seem to have a good feel for how to create a nice setting for your page and generate a tone that is welcoming and easy to look at. The styling looks very good and your use of media queries to make it responsive shows you are paying attention to those important details.

I noticed that when you get to about the 900px or so width your nav menu items (the About, My Work and Contact list items) start to jump down below the page header one by one and fall out of alignment with the others. If that is intentional than it is an interesting effect, but if not, you might consider shrinking the font-size and width around that breakpoint of 900px, or possibly switching to the collapsed hamburger menu earlier.

I do think this looks really great. I would not have known you’d only been coding and designing for two weeks looking at this! Keep pushing forward; I think you have a lot of potential for web design and development.

Thank you for the feedback that was not intentional so I will need to adjust that.