Portfolio Feedback - My 1st Portfolio

New to coding. My first portfolio. Any feedback welcome!

Draft 2:

Hey, good job for finishing a project! I am going to be honest, I am not a major fan of the font as a PARAGRAPH font, I would try to find a secondary font that is more legible but plays well with your current font (which I would use for the menu and headers, h1, h2 etc).

Also you have set .mid-sec { opacity: 0.6 }

If you look closely everything within that div is see through, which is to say that when you set an opacity then all the elements within that div inherit that opacity.

You want to remove the opacity property and add the opacity to just the background-color property.

To do this you need to use rgba() instead of HEX colors. So in your case the color code would be rgba(245, 245, 220, 0.6)

If you look at the last number it is 0.6, so the color has an opacity of 0.6.

You can convert hex to rgba using an online tool or something.

All the best!!


Thanks! I’ll be working on my updates this week. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind!

Great start, I especially like the responsiveness of the site. I would suggest adding some extra whitespace to the footer so that when you click each section header, it has enough room to anchor to the top. It also appears that when you anchor to the top, it can overshoot its mark and hide the title.

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