Portfolio feedback needed

I just finished my own portfolio and possibly would love any feedback on it.


I loaded your page and the first thing I noticed is the slowness of the loading.

Looking at firefox dev tools, you have f.jpg that is 3MB large! — which you then display as a small avatar circle! I think you can reduce the size of that graphic to a few bytes.

F2.jpg is also large at 574KB.

You can improve speed of your site by optimizing the above images.

There’s something wrong with the Portfolio link/page… after a second, the previous page is reloaded again.

Looks great.

On your skills page, you can improve the transition. It looks jarring with the text suddenly becoming bold and large.

On your .hvr-grow class, you can just use a simple

transition: all .5s;
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Thanks! Really appreciate it.

Hey, Felipe!

Here are some of my thoughts, without touching on what owel already said:

  • For “skills”, when you hover over a list, the font size and weight change. This is jarring and also not great performance-wise. It’s only three lists, so it’s not an enormous deal, but it’s something to consider. It’s causing reflow (shifting of the layout) each time it changes, which is causing it to look janky. I think just using the transform: scale(1.1) change looks great.

  • When I click on “portfolio”, it starts to load and then the previous page comes back.

  • On the front page, try to add some margins between your image container and the text. In DevTools I tried something like margin: 0 1rem 1rem 0; padding-left: 0; and think it looked good. Maybe a bit less on the bottom. There was a lot more breathing room for the text.

  • I would be consistent with the page transitions. I find it disorienting, personally, when one page comes in from the side, one from the bottom, one from the top, one scales up, etc.

  • On the desktop view of your navigation, the icon for “skills” is barely visible. I would switch to a different color or go for a lighter version of the current color.

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Thank you very much. I will work on the portfolio page and try to fix it now!