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any feedback would be helpful

what sections should i do add or remove?

Hi @obb12 !

I would work on adding descriptions for all of your projects.
Right now, just looking at the thumbnail images I had no clue what any of the projects were.

Is this your portfolio you plan to use for jobs?
If so, then you should have a link to your resume on there.

Hope that helps!

is this any better?

I think it is getting better.

Is this a portfolio you plan to use for jobs?

yes but for jobs i send them my cv and cover letter

Ok cool.

I think it would help to add what technologies were used for the projects.
And also it would nice if the image thumbnails were larger because it is a little hard to see right now.

i added that magnifying glass so it indicates that you can click on the image

is there some section missing or is that enough?

what you think which is better a 2 column grid or a 3 column?

I feel like you probably have enough room for three projects per line.

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