Portfolio Feedback Please attempt number 3

I’m started my portfolio from scratch for the third(hopefully for a while).
if anyone wouldn’t mind taking a look and giving me some feedback i’d really appreciate it.


  • The top bar is not fixed, so when you scroll down ( especially if you click on the project section ) you’re lost, you have no way to change section but scrolling. When you arrive at the bottom, to have a contact link ( which redirect you few pixel above ) is not useful.
  • Looking at the hamburger menu item in a phone view ( at least the devTools one), when hovering over an item menu the bottom border became bigger: it would be ok but this push down the entire background below, which is not that good.
  • Last thing, I don’t like much the section “works with”: i would get rid of that and move the section ‘About me’ on the left giving it more space^^


  • Full responsive
  • I really like is the description of the projects while hovering
  • The contact section seems well formatted clear and different from the usual few icons you see around
  • The quote project is really cool!

This is obviously just my opinion, I hope it could help!

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Thank you so much layer, I agree with everything you said. I’ll get it sorted :blush::blush::+1:

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Yes, it would be nice if nav bar was sticky/fixed. Other than that love it!

I really like the background image where it scrolls down to the wide angle ocean beach shot with glass in foreground focus on the right. Easier for me to put the feeling/mood I get from it reminicent of end beach scene of 1983 film trading places.

Trading Places Beach Scene

Thanks very much, yer got it nav working now.
Glad you like the beach one, I’ve never seen that film, is it good???

Looks very nice! However, when I click on “contact” I do not get taken to the “Contact” area of the page (Chrome on my MB Air running High Sierra); rather, I get this (trying to insert screen shot, but not sure if it’s working - I’m new to the forum!

Cheers Eileen, I’ve just updated it :blush: I’m newish too, the support on here is second to none and the feedback from everyone is always great.

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Glad you like the beach one, I’ve never seen that film, is it good???

It is a classic in the canon of great American film comedy. I highly recommend Trading Places! Apologies for going so off-topic, main reason I posted the link was to convey feeling I got with site, which was great by the way!

No problem I love a good film. i’ll get it watched tonight :slight_smile: Thanks again for the feedback!