Portfolio Feedback Please - http://www.projects.markchavush.co.uk/portfolio

Hello everyone!

Any feedback on my just completed portfolio project would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks for all of your help/kind words as always


Great job! If I were you, I would

Animate scroll down effect on your arrow and make it take a second or so to go down to your introduction.
Your intro and and creation sections kind of feel crammed up. Try giving them space using paddings/margins.

Good luck :slight_smile:

So, pro tip (Iā€™m a beginner lol) : make me freak out more, it will definitly help you find the dream job that you want.

Jokes aside, nice JOB! Wish me skill&luck with my survey project.

Hello there

Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is much appreciated. My next step will be to explore jquery smooth scroll!

Thanks again


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Thank you very much for you kind words and good luck with your next project.

All the best


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