Portfolio Feedback, please :)

Hi there, FCCampers!

I just finished my front end certificate! I also made a small portfolio of my projects that I am hosting on Github. I’d love to have some feedback on the portfolio page, and on the projects. I made it with Chrome (I have not yet learned how to develop for other browsers). Here’s the link: www.fujisawakyle.com

I’m having an issue with API keys, but I first want to know: is being able to show that you can do a JSON call valuable to employers? I really want to keep my weather app on my portfolio, but I’m currently having an issue where I cannot figure out how to hide the API key. If I can’t resolve this, I’ll just figure out a different API project that doesn’t require a key, but I’d like to work through it! I’ve looked at a few of the discussions on the forum and some people say it’s not possible, and some people say to use a proxy server to hide the key. Any advice? (also, I am aware that right now the weather app is defaulted to show the weather in my town, Santa Cruz :p)

Thanks again, and ANYTHING is helpful feedback (even the slightest thing!)

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Good job on the portfolio!

I do have two pieces of feedback for you:
1 - I would work on a few unique personal projects to showcase on your portfolio. While the FCC projects are good to learn how to do certain things, because so many people are doing them you can find the code to them anywhere. So I would really work on coming up with something on your own that employers know for sure you didn’t just copy and paste from somewhere. I saw on your github what looks to be some kind of meditation app? So you may be going in that direction. Keep working on that if so.
2 - On your portfolio you said, “My specialties are:” and then listed HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. Personally, I would shy away from language like specialties. When I read it I get the idea that you have a lot of experience and really good at those things, which may be the case but I would think you are more on the beginner side rather than the expert side. I remember reading this story of a guy who put on his resume that he was an expert in some programming language. Well, the company the guy was interviewing for actually employed the inventor of said language so he was there to interview him. Anyway, I think just having a realistic view of your talents and skills is a good thing.

But keep going man and learning and creating new things!