Portfolio - feedback please

I think i spend too much time on this i would say 50+hours


im still not 100% sure if its a turn off if i show it to potential employers.

review please


Plus point for domain name its looks so professional.

The web design is WOW amazing really. Nice look clean and you have https very fine.

Great job.

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Thanks! for the feedback

Right off the bat: your name is underlined and so looks like a link. The first thing I did was try to click on it. Also, I’d assume that if you were using this as an actual portfolio page you’d have your full-name listed. (No need to do that if it’s just a demonstration for fCC of course.)

“Work” in the menu should match the title of that section (which is “My Work”). Also, it’s confusing to see the portfolio page listed when I’m already on the portfolio page.

The menu should link to your “Skills” section.

Overall the design is pleasing. It’s big and bold and uncluttered, all things I appreciate. I’m on a laptop and it looks great. I didn’t check it on mobile.

Nice job. :slightly_smiling_face:

From a web development aspect, everything is functional and does what it’s supposed to do. Stylistically, everything looks good and you show a clear understanding of layout and some basic design concepts like color theory. As for as the portfolio itself, I might put some more stylistic work into the sites you displayed as your previous work. Your portfolio website itself is far better looking than any of your other projects, and it looks like your skills have come a long way – now it might be time to take those skills and go back and update previous projects.

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Thanks guys, ill update the site after work, @paytonjewell i think you hit the nail with the style part, i always had trouble with the style and creativity area, i am not even sure where/how to improve on that aspect.

Dislike: I’m not a fan of the contact form text areas turning red on click - seems like design overkill. If you do want to keep this feature, I would suggest changing the text color to white to add more contrast against the red background.

Like: The skills area is really nice! I love the use of icons. Also, aside from my previous comment about your contact form, I actually really like the contact area as a whole. Plus, everything is responsive, which is awesome.

You have a nice grasp on your personal aesthetics! Great job :grin:

I think the best way is to use inspiration :slight_smile: Search sites with similar themes and observe their use of color palettes, fonts/typography, white space, etc. Any time you find yourself thinking, “Wow, I really like the way this looks. How do you do that?” make an exercise out of trying to imitate it! Or use DevTools and read up on their styling.

I believe design is an opinion based thing, but if you ask me, that black-red colour scheme is not pro.

This is true, there are developers and people like dark themes and designs so much, but not everytime dark stuffs work well.

That white shadow for the box of your works is not very pro I think.
Plus those big wide red buttons/links.

silver placeholder colour over red background(text fields) are not cool! specially as @ca1221 stated, it’s not so common.

Hopeful it’s responsive, very good.

FACT: not everyone(include me) are good at designing and UI/UX stuffs. If you cannot come up with a good design, but you could do the layout and structure well(as you did), so don’t be worry at all, and instead be happy.
It means you should work on more about back-end stuffs. I believe one day, Peter is the one great web developer.

Keep goin on great work. I’m so happy about your work, if we skip the design and colour scheme, everything else is superb Peter, believe me.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

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Nice website!
Works very well functionally, but i’m also not a big fan of the colors.
I’m not really super great with that, so what i normally do is take a look here: https://color.adobe.com/explore/?filter=most-popular&time=all
That should help you pick a more subtle patern which will really help your website.

Other than that its a great website.

I really love the darkened theme with the red borders. It’s very easy on the eyes and makes your text pop. I think potential employers will be very pleased. I am. Did you design your own logo? If so, its really cool. The whole website is impressive.

I paid for the logo on fiver, i tried a feel times but i lack skills in graphic design. Thanks.

Yeh i am not sure what to do with the colors some people like the color and some doesn’t. ill keep improving it.

back-end is where i am aiming at or even front end, if design is provided.

I’ve being starting to learn front end first since it seems hard to showcase skills without a proper design. It also seems like first job is easier to get at first.

can i have some suggestion for the buttons? i don’t like it as-well i tired normal size buttons next to each other but and stacked. i might move back to that.

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I like dark themes, so, I guess that’s why it jumped out at me. Even paid for, it’s a nice logo. I’m not exactly artistically creative myself. I have a thing with combining colours that’s just infuriating. I’m aiming for full stack so I better get my graphic game-face on. Soon. As for the buttons, I would add a little light red, on hover, to the nav buttons and make the “My Work” link buttons smaller. Other than that, I’d say it’s great just the way it is. :grin:

Thanks guys! they changes i made so far.

Home Page

  • removed underline on name
  • added fullname
  • made the box more transparent and added rounded conners
  • not mentioned but i aligned it to left instead of center, i think it looks better with the full name
  • made the background image fixed.

My work Page

  • Reduced white glow to over 50%
  • added background-color to project title
  • reduce the size of the red buttons

contact me page -
i change the on focus to light pink, if its still bad ill probably look for a different way to show on focus

  • i reactivate the contact form, i added a easy spam prevention, let see if it works

New Update base on feedback here and any other places i could find -

#removed the on focus background color in contact form, using shadow instead
#Changed the portfolio colour scheme, full black and white was too much contrast.

you guys reckon its better then the first iteration?

Nice project. Peter, you can also post work here for quality rating: https://social.beraty.com