Portfolio Feedback Request

Hello all!
I just finished my portfolio page, for the most part. I’ve spent the past week on it, and have overcome many obstacles. So I’m asking if someone could look it over and perhaps offer some criticism?
I have basically 2 versions because I can’t decide how my portfolio section should look.
Version 1
In this one I have the thumbnails set them all in a single row so they collapse easily as the screen gets smaller, but also leaves a gap to the right when they begin to collapse down.
Version 2
The second one separates the thumbnails into different rows in bootstrap, but when full screen it doesn’t quite align with the heading and there is a large gap that looks off to me.

One last question is if it’s better to use thumbnails or simply embed my codepens into my site? I’m unsure what an employee would be wanting to look at, the code or simply the completed page. Any feedback is appreciated so thank you in advance!

Both of them look alike to me (except for the placing of your projects) and both look good.

Perhaps I’m a bit over critical when it comes to things are placed at every possible screen size. Much appreciated.