Portfolio feedback required


Hey again!

Again, this works great for the bare-minimum requirements - practicing Bootstrap to make a one page static website. I would recommend playing around with the CSS to make it your own.

A couple things you could include

  • Head section - Creating a hero landing showing who you are! Then move into the About Me section, explaining what the page is about.
  • Create a practice portfolio - an image gallery will help you work with images
  • Margin and padding - Definitely work on layout. The text is up against the borders, which is aesthetically pleasing. One big issue for me is the floating Twitter, IG, and Github links.
  • Responsiveness - Resize your page and check it out on mobile! As your page collapses, so does your Wall-E image

I would suggest to continue learning and come back to this project to improve your CSS and design skills! If you have any questions, let me know

Thanks for your suggestions.