Portfolio feedback! :) Thanks!

Portfolio feedback! :) Thanks!
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Good evening! At least it’s evening for me here…

I’d love feedback for my portfolio. It’s been a long time coming. I started FCC in September 2017 and had way too much going on in October that I had to stop. At that time I was working on my portfolio - and to be honest it’s a hard page to make. Not that the coding is necessarily hard, but I think it’s because it gets personal and I always feel like “I want to put out the best” to show others.

I’m about done. There’s a few small things. I need to refactor/reorganize code in CSS/JS. But It’s just about there.

Anyway, here’s the link: https://codepen.io/dcookwebdev/full/MEEoqv


Everything looks dope. But the navbar is not responsive neither there is a collapse bar .So you might wanna add a collapse bar or make it responsive


Thanks for checking it out and giving feedback! Yes that’s on my todo list - add a hamburger! :slight_smile:


Okay… should be better now… actually should have done it before - didn’t take long! Bootstrap has a lot of nice built in things!


Cool man. Looks solid. And yeah. With Bootstrap, its really easy to add these features and saves a ton of time. :slight_smile: