Portfolio Feedback: thomasg.dev

Hi y’all!

I wrapped up fcc around May and I am hoping to break into cs field as a full-stack developer as soon as I can. Any feedback on my personal website and/or its contained projects would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so so much!

website: https://thomasg.dev
github: https://github.com/tggir1


I like the aesthetic of your portfolio page and you projects as well. e.g. the colored stripes on top and on the left of your portfolio sections and the “boxy style” (for lack of a better word :sweat_smile:) of your contact form and “view portfolio” button. Maybe treat the projects with a similar styling, so that the look a bit more like separate entities?

On the bubblgum.ai site there are two links that lead only to white pages…

Hey, thank you so much for your feedback! The aesthetic generally follows Mozilla’s Protocol Design, so I owe Mozilla a lot of the credit :slight_smile:

The Bubblegum.ai project is still a WIP; thanks for reminding me to get those sections done!