Portfolio -- Feedback!

Hi guys, I just completed my portfolio.
Pls check it, your feedback will be appreciated.


Very slick! like, like & like!

Thanks bro, I feel awesome.
Your feedback made me happy, Thanks.

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Just to let you know I’ve tried it again in my mobile and you nailed it once again…
Great responsiveness!

Rock on brotha :heart:

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Thanks once again, I really appreciate.

The website looks inviting and the UI is well developed, however the title of the webpage (name of the tab) is the default “React App” which gives your portfolio an unfinished feel. I would suggest adding different titles for the different pages on your website.

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Thanks. What a great feedback.
Will work on that right away.

This looks very good! Smart layout nice colors and cool project pics. You even added your own favicon! I love how the social links stay stationary and see through as you scroll.

I’m no designer but that site pops nicely!

Media query breakpoints work well as well for responsiveness.

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Thanks alot, for the feedback.

Looks like you have an eye for style. Please double check your projects. Grey is half trombone and half web hosting. I vote for trombones. I found some CC Images for products on Google and a discovery channel video to link (copyrighted though).

Instead of re-styling FCC’s survey example why not survey Grey’s trombone customers?

Pretty pages though.

PS Don’t forget the pbone!
pbone search

Thanks for the feedback, and very good suggestions. I will work on that soon.