Portfolio feedback :)

Dear all,

I would appreciate your feedback on my portfolio. I would like to apply to jobs having this page but I’m not sure if it’s enough? I’m aware that my project section is not impressive but I’m working on it…



Hello monixm.

I like the look and feel of your portfolio. If one thing were to change, I would change the background colour. Maybe it is my personal preference, but it hurts my eyes.

Also, in mobile view:
In /projects, the first h4 paragraph you have looks odd being juxtaposed against the rest of your content. It might look more natural if you juxtaposed everything else, but the h4 and project images are the only items not centred.
2) Mostly because I have an iPhone 5 (still relevant), I am unable to view your entire email on the /contact page.

Excellent job. Hope this helps

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Hi monixm.

I like the feel of your portafolio. The font and icons looks very nice.
In projects on my mobile i had some spacing issue, and the paragraf is not centered.

About your projects,
The carshow web site is perfect, really profesional.

But the todo app and starwars api, has a lack of design, you could at least tríed to style it with bootstrap.

But in general you did a Great job.
Best regards

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thank you very much, you gave me some valuable feedback - especially about the background, I actually don’t like it myself when the white brightness hits my eyes, I’m not sure why I didn’t consider this for my page :sweat_smile: thank you again and have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

thank you, I like your pointers about the two other projects…thinking about it, it does look maybe a bit rushed. I think I have the pressure of putting just something out there, so I can start applying to jobs :roll_eyes: thank you for this point, I will definitely take it into account. Greetings!!

I have been there to, rushing up with projects just to show them quickly. But with a little of css or bootstrap (hate bootstrap) on the Buttons and Inputs you can defenitly change the whole UI in a couple of minutes. Good luck on your webdev Journey.

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I love the intro animation to your website, I’d consider adding hover effects to some of the links to give it the appearance of being able to interact with. Best of luck!

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very nice idea about the hover effect for the links - I will adjust this. THANK you :slight_smile:

i think the background is great it just don’t go with the fonts and the colors that you chosed for icons so it looks so bright but you did a great gob :wink: