Portfolio feedbacks

Hello all dears
It would be really great if you help me get my portfolio better

Note: the images may not appear on your pc but they are loading in my own pc and I can see them. they hosted in Dropbox so if you have any solution please let me know.



Looks cool man, somethings I noticed while scrolling through your site.

  • Bootstrap percentage bar is flickering
  • Images aren’t loading

Other than that keep it up!

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Thank you so much dear GenghisChan
that is right, Bootstrap pb is flickering I couln’t find its solution but images are hosted on Dropbox I don’t know why doesn’t they appear in others pc.

how about introduction and other stuffs…? isn’t there any suggestion for better improvement…?

once again thanks

Hello, your portfolio looks great but could do with some improvements in general, for example try using Google Drive for your images its supposed to work

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Your colors are also not eye-catching it’s just look regular you could Google up material design colors

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If you want to display the image from dropbox, just copy the share link of your image and change ?dl=0 to ?raw=1

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Thanks dear adiglase
great idea, it helped me do it

could you please suggest any eye catching color(s)?

Looks great! :sunglasses: Just one suggestion: maybe add cursor: pointer; to the button to give it a pointer :point_up_2: look when you hover over it. :computer_mouse:

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great suggestion I’d forgotten that, done that now.
happy coding

Thanks dear GenghisChan for mentioning “Bootstrap percentage bar is flickering”
finally, I’ve found what its problem was. the padding was set to 10px which will be 10 + 10 = 20px from both sides but its width has to grow only 10% which would be less than 20px so that’s the reason it was flickering between 10% and 20px…