Portfolio finally done


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Wow! that is a really cool style that I’ve never seen before!
great job!!

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I like it!
Dripping with self-expression, it gives potential employers a good idea of who you are.
Now, just start adding personal projects with significant scope and are a clear demonstration of your ability to envision, design and build websites/apps that your average ‘junior-developer’-level coder wouldn’t feel confident about trying to build.

Very cool! I liked what you did with the image! :).

Don’t forget to proofread. Interested and tinkering are not spelled correctly and there’s a , instead of a . at end of sentence (before the “break the turntable” line- lol) in the about me section. Personal taste but I’d change the w/ to with- looks cleaner.

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Gonna change it rn, thanks alot

good job! :smiley: it looks very good, and I’ve got no suggestions, sorry.