Portfolio Finished at this point

Hello all! I am getting closer and closer to having my portfolio as nice as I can make it at this point. I am struggling with the alignment of this one portfolio sample div in my portfolio section. for some reason it won’t line up with all of its friends. I have tried several different approaches but I can’t get it to do what I want and be responsive! I can make it line up on a big screen but if I do that with margin it doesn’t line up well when they collapse down to single file on smaller screens…

Any help would be appreciated!


Hey @goofydad21 ,
Its really awesome .But i noticed that your footer links (fb, twitter, git) dosent have the symbol or may be its not showing up in Firefox browser.

Yeah I noticed that is an issue only at some screen sizes on my laptop the icons show up on my phone they are gone though. Any ideas why?

It looks good! For the social media stuff I highly recommend checking out Font Awesome for free social media (and other) icons.

Yeah those are font awesome badges and then there is another library on top of them that makes them longer but I may go back to just the font awesome ones because these are scaling funny on mobile.

Hello guys thanks so much for the feedback! I changed the title of this topic in lieu of creating a new one to declare that at this point my portfolio is ready to present and I am ready to begin the next course on Javascript and will return to my portfolio when I learn more!

Thank you so much for all the help and here is an updated link in case the one at the top doesn’t change!

What is that circle with the minus in the middle on the page? It’s persistent and it is distracting. Try fixing that.