Portfolio Finished - Looking for Feedback

Hello Campers,

I’ve been learning python for some time, but I am totally new to css, and it’s not a walk in the park! Took me two week to put my portfolio together.

Looking for honest feedback. Design has never been my strong suit, but I love to code, so I am trying to get better at design.

Here’s my pen:



Is it that bad? :slight_smile:

Your post must have slipped through…

It is certainly not that bad. Your color choice could have been better, but the rest is quite nice and it scales nicely. The contact form is really small, though.

But, you seriosuly did a good job! Best of luck with the following challenges. And I am pretty sure, your next post will get a quicker response… :slight_smile:

Thank you Ben :slight_smile:

I spent a couple of weeks on it, CSS is so much more than meets the eye!

I had to learn a little about media queries to get it to scale the way I wanted it to because I didn’t like the way it was initially scaling; particularly break points.

Funny you should mention the colors and the contact form, that is the 2 things I am not 100% happy with, but I had spent a lot of time on the project and called it quits for now so I could move on with the course!

very nice and clean bro. i like it.

Thank you, there is great advice on that thread. I am slowly absorbing the info provided i the articles linked to there. Major help