Portfolio - First Attempt

I have had a go at my first attempt at a portfolio, any feedback (good or bad) would be
very appreciated!


Thanks in advance


Personally, I love the header section. Neat background, appealing photo.

What I don’t like is the project section. I feel like it’s been forgotten or something.
Try to give it some styling :slight_smile:

For first attempt it’s outstanding! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the feedback @Jacobs322 I definitely agree about the project section, my intention was to see what the placeholders looked like with a screenshot of my projects in and then match them with a background picture/colour. Then maybe stagger their positioning down the page. I have been back to the coding and staggered their position now so that there is more of an idea of what it will eventually look like.

Fully appreciate your comments :grinning: :+1: