Portfolio for a friend , Feedback Needed

Hey there, i m doing a simple portfolio for a friend ( he is photographer ), i need a little feedback.
It is in spanish but nevermind. Also the galleries and photos are just for testing.

I made it mobile first , and using just html css and js, ( and a bit of php and fonts from bootstrap, only the fonts, i love them)


Looks pretty good! I would

not make background spill over navbar when mouse hovers on nav menus.
Try giving out more spaces between sections to convey the separation of subjects.
Clicking on textarea increases height of textarea because of border addition, try a different style.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Not sure what’s interesting about the fonts that you couldn’t have done with css. They’re pretty but care to enlighten a CodeNewbie? If it’s the text shadow, I’ve done that with css using text-shadow. I’d love to learn what bootstrap brought to the party, since I know nothing about it.

Not downtalking the project because it’s very good and better than I could do. Just wondering about the fonts.

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Thanks! I will check those details later, while implement the php mail file.

Yeah, i dont know. Just like the displays and rem based fonts. I use sass so i just import the fonts file, i could easily do it with css also :slight_smile:
I am doing a php blog next and i will use just bootstrap to practice it( also because i want to pay more attention to the back end in that project)

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Thanks for the explanation.:slight_smile:

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