[Portfolio]Give me your Feedback

Hi guys,

Please give me your feedback and tips to improve my next projects

Congrats you did a great job.
However ther is one thing you need to correct.
The font “bubbler one” only shows half the line.
I have seen this twice now.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand the font thing can you explain that to me again please?

Ok. So when I run your pen your nav bar links “Newt, Portfolio, About Me, Contact”, only the top half of the words appear.
Imagine you draw a horizontal line through the center of Newt, everything below the line is missing.
When I comment out the “Bubbler One” font in your CSS all appears normal.
/* font-family: ‘Bubbler One’ */

I don’t see that, the text renders fine in my browsers

Perhaps it is my browsers. I have viewed in both FireFox & Chrome.

I tried Chrome, FF, Opera, IE and Edge – all are updated to the latest version. Using Windows 10. Strange.

I am using windows XP.
A little outdated I know.

Not that he has to learn it now, but if we as developers are going to use custom fonts we need to include fallback fonts to support older browsers.

Newt. Sorry if I caused some stress there. Just my older OS/browsers not recognizing that font.

i thought the white text with the black outline was a little hard to read…it might be that my i need glasses so ask someone else too…

other than that i would say you have a solid base to work from…you also used character codes. nice.

you could add scrollspy pretty easily i think with bootstrap to get the nice effect when clicking your internal links

No problem, I appreciate that you were trying to help me, thanks

I’ll see what I can do to improve that, Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback