Portfolio help - full height welcome

I am having this issue and I did not find any of the fixes resolved my problem. The viewport height is the only test that is not currently passing.

Can someone take a look and give me some feedback?
Portfolio (work in progress)

Try removing the top-padding on header.

Edit: I know you should be removing it in the #welcome-section selector, but something funky is going on. If I comment out the padding on header and run the test it passes. If I then add back the padding it still passes, just not on the first run with the padding on header.

I would also suggest you use one selector for the styles, not an id and an element selector.

Also, setting box-sizing: border-box should fix it (on its own). It’s a good idea to set that anyway so element sizing is easier.

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;
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