Portfolio help-i don't know where to start in my code to make a header or scrollbar

please help the only coding i’ve done has been on here, and i really want to keep my streak going.

Assuming you’re gonna use Bootstrap as your CSS library, I suggest you to code with the documentation always at hand since it’s full of examples that should help you get started.

For instance look at the header documentation here:


From an old thread I posted in

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Well, the simplest way to make a scrollbar is to add this to your CSS rule (for whatever you want to put a scroll bar in)

To have the scroll bar show up all the time (whether the content exceeds the boundaries)
overflow: scroll;

To have the scroll bar show up only if the content exceeds the boundaries:
overflow: auto;

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i checked out link and i want to be able to do all but is that best product for money. thank you again.

obviously regardless i owe it all to FCC