Portfolio - I miss your feedback!

Dear FreeCodeCampers!

Could you please give me a critical feedback on my porfolio webpage - https://psitronic.github.io ? I am a newbie in Front End so all your comments and corrections are welcome!

Thank you in advance!


Good job. Very cool design and structure, but be sure to correct “Hey, my name is…” block - Try to align text of both columns to make them look more clear. You could set a “h2” tag (Try out “About me:”) above your text in the first column. This would align both columns equally. I really think that this is the only block that needs correction, everything else is perfect. :grinning:

Hi! Thank you! You are right, the About section did not look good, so I changed it to a single column, which looks more natural. “Hey, my name is…” replaced with “About me:” Thank you again!


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Looks good, a few possible improvements in my opinion are:

-You could probably put that A/S logo as a favicon so you don’t have the blank page icon on your tab
-If possible it would be good to have a link to deployed projects so people can see end result rather than just the repos
-Might be better to label it MOOCS since it seems like you’ve done a couple
-Would be beneficial to have a picture of yourself somewhere in the home page or about section
-For your email on the contact section might be better to have your whole email as well as the link- the issue with having it as just a mailto link is if someone doesn’t have their mailto set up with the browser and wants to email you it will be difficult for them.

Thanks a lot! Good suggestions. I would work on them (perhaps, to include an email address I will need to redesign a bit). I will put more projects later on, including deployed ones. At this moment they are without front end, just servers providing APIs.