Portfolio is done! Feedback is really appreciated to get better!

Please view my portfolio and let me know your thoughts/suggestions. Total newbie here!


First of all, the background image of the huge map has poor quality, I’d suggest choosing something else because it looks pretty distorted unfortunately. Along with that, the Abe Lincoln picture isn’t the same height as the two next to it… so I’d try and fix that if I were you… or stick it in the middle, so it’s symmetrical and looks nice.

Next, there’s way too much white on the page for my liking, I’d personally change the body’s background color toa light grey to add some tone.

body {
background-color: rgb(230, 230, 230);

The quote isn’t responsive either, I tested your site’s resolution with ctrl+shift+m and when the res is small the quote breaks.

Great site though, well done.