Portfolio is done, ready to apply to jobs now


I’ve spent so much time revising my pens that, at this point, I’m worn out, it’s giving me headaches, I’m drained of energy, it’s never going to be perfect, and I’ll be student mode forever (and have been for the last decade) if I don’t just stop now and accept that my stuff is good enough to get my first web developer job. For the sake of my mental health and income, I need to just do this already.

No libraries, no superfluous code, all meant to demonstrate that I have a good grasp of fundamental JavaScript and CSS concepts, which I feel (and, I hope) will show prospective employers what I’m capable of w/o using libraries. Not because I’m a vanilla JavaScript purist or anything like that.

Not at all trying to come across with any hostility, far from it. freeCodeCamp tutorials and its community has been an invaluable resource and source of motivation for me, and this includes the freeCodeCamp Meetup group in Portland that I attended last week (2nd time). Everyone was very welcoming, and I got the opportunity to help somebody with their code. Anyone from Portland here who also goes to the Meetup is totally welcome to tell me they know me from this forum. :slight_smile: My posts/comments (I think there’s maybe a handful now, I haven’t posted much yet) about mental health, motivation, and roadblocks with my learning JavaScript are up for all to see, and the encouragement I’ve gathered from other people’s personal stories here has shown me that I’m not alone in my struggles. A lot of this post is me overthinking, and anticipating coming off the wrong way, or sounding bitter, stubborn, having an axe to grind etc. But I’m not. I just have to remind myself that as worthy as anyone else who’s put in the time and energy and money (bootcamps, online schools, or in my case, CodePen Pro) in earnest to become better at their web development skills. Everyone learns/improves faster or slower than others of course, but that’s besides the point.

CodePen is awesome, and prospective employers (or, just anybody) can see my code and assets like fonts, images, JSON files etc, so I hope this will work in my favor.

None of this is to discourage critiques/comments/suggestions of my stuff, either. But, I just have to do this already.


I just took a really quick look at your stuff, so this is by no means a thorough review.

  • I was super-confused by Remembering the Kanji 1
    • It looks great, but I have to admit, I expected it to have some type of interaction.
    • Obviously, not all pages need interaction, but I would make the purpose of the page more definitive.
    • This can be done easily enough with a short statement between your <h1> and your <ul>. Something to the effect of “This is a static display of kanji information retrieved from the cdpn.io api.”
  • From a web dev perspective, I love Japanese Verbs!
    • The one thing that I would suggest you look into is resetting the display of the translations
    • i.e. if I click the “—Click here for translation—” option on one card, it shows me the translation (as expected), but when I go to the next card, I see its translation also.
    • The current behavior is very unexpected, and since you again show the “—Click here for translation—” option, I’m assuming it’s not what you intended, either. :wink:
  • A decade ago, this would have been considered a phenomenal front-end portfolio! Unfortunately, the front-end has become much more complex. In my geographic area, this definitely wouldn’t be enough to get you a full-time job in the field. :frowning:
  • However, this should be more than enough for you to start doing contract work for small mom-and-pop companies. :slight_smile:
  • More importantly, with your obvious interest in languages and your web dev related language skills, you should definitely check out I18n & L10n! If you’re good at marketing yourself, this could be a very profitable niche area for you to specialize in! :wink:

Best wishes!


Thanks for the suggestions @metasean, much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face: