Portfolio is up!

Hey, guys, my project is up online. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and all questions are welcomed. Thanks, a lot to whole of Freecodecamp for teaching me the ways of code :slight_smile:

Personal Portfolio

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Hi, you did a good job. the portfolio section is really nice.
and the animation on front feels little slow, they take 6-8 seconds to reveal the information.
what library/framework did you use?
i am planning to do my portfolio project with material design lite. i read on their documentation about animation and layout,and really like that. and thats why i noticed the speed on animation.

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Hii thanks for the feedback. Yeah I’ve been noticing a lot of people saying that, do I’ll change the speed ratio.

I didn’t use any any frameworks but for the start animation I used Greensock which is an animation library.

Yeah I heard good things about material design. Just for my portfolio I thought it be a better idea to code from scratch then use frameworks