Portfolio: My name is Brandon!

Hey coders! :grinning: My name is Brandon Patterson and I’ve been learning how to write code in order to work full time as a Front End Web Developer & Engineer.

**Resources:** I have been using various resources online for the past year such as Team Treehouse, Front End Masters, YouTube channels such as learncode.academy, DevTips and others. Also of course, Stack Overflow and your every day Google search.
**The Truth:** Besides posting my portfolio on [Codepen.io](https://codepen.io/brandnpatterson/pen/jVGdgX) yesterday, (let me know what you think!)

This is the first time I have reached out to anyone online!

Today I feel that it is well past time to do that. I just started here at freeCodeCamp and I’m looking forward to following tutorials, contributing to open source, and being a part of the community locally in Houston, TX and online.

As I learn, I am currently looking for a full time position, so please feel free to share my info with anyone that may be interested.

Here is a link to my github account:

Hi, welcome to the forum! Please don’t double post your (interesting) story :slight_smile:

Your portfolio looks nice. A few tips/ideas:

  • add some margin to the section with social icons (at the bottom)
  • give the portfolio images a small border-radius
  • awesome intro, but the text field stays on top of the navbar

Hey Ben!

Thank you for the warm welcome. Do you think I should delete this post or the initial post?

I appreciate the tips and ideas! That adds a lot to the feel of the page. To fix the message being on top, I added z-index: 1 to the nav.
Unfortunately I can’t update the live version now, but I will be able to later today.

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No, don’t bother about it.