Portfolio needs to be more responsive. help please

hi there.
Instead of saying that I’m new at this and I need help, let’s just say, it is kicking my butt. lol

  1. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to center my projects.
  2. My navbar is at the top of the viewport but it still saying that it isn’t.
  3. What is the size of a viewport? because I’m very confused. All that I tried won’t work.
  4. I set up my footer to be in a row but it won’t. what am I doing wrong?
  5. there are 4 projects in my project section but it still says that there’s none.


I know thats a lot of issues so thank you for whatever you can help me with.

Have a wonderful day/night

Took a look and here are some things I noticed:

  1. navbar should ALWAYS be at the top… even when you scroll down

  2. Viewport has dimensions of 100vw x 100vh (100% wide x 100% high) regardless of screen size. Your screen size and display may be different than mine or tablet/cellphone.

  3. There is another div inside the footer <div class="icon-wrap"> that has all the children nested inside. It appears you are using flex, so you’ll need to add the DISPLAY: and also it’s set to column not row :slight_smile:

  4. The <iframe> might be the issue here, it’s looking for links to projects. Try wrapping each <iframe> with a link.

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thank you so much Pjonp