Portfolio Page: Complete!

Just finishing up my perhaps overly complicated Portfolio Page – bu I learned so much while making it!

Any feedback will be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Note: the fCC test shows I am failing the “navbar remains at top” test. As you can see, it does however. Perhaps the test does not account for my method?

Thank you all for your support!

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Hi @SevenRoot!

For the navbar, it is not quite to the top of the page. That is why you get that error. If you scroll down you can see the space above the navbar.

There are some small errors in your html so I would run your code through the html validator https://validator.w3.org/

When the navbar collapses, the text is a little hard to read for me and squished.

Hope that helps!


Thank you @jwilkins.oboe!

I guess I read that User Story as placing the navbar at the top of the page in general, as opposed to placing at top: 0;.

I was wondering about the legibility of the navbar words at first, but then I probably got used to it.

I’ll work on that and those html validations.

With appreciation…

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Wow, very eye-catching and unique design. Really like the transition effect at the top.

The project cards are way too small to see. Also, my first instinct was to try clicking on all the circles and design patterns to see if they did anything. Maybe make them do something or else fade them to background or make them less prominent somehow.

Very cool tho!

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Yeah, I was struggling design-wise how to handle those project thumbnails as the screen size got smaller. Any ideas?

I did have a similar thought about the drops. At some point I was like, "I’m going to school for programming not design. " Whomever I ultimately work for will have a designer or team addressing such issues, right?

Appreciate the feedback,

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