Portfolio Page Critique

VERY rough first draft, gonna add actual links to the images of the projects and working on making a whole header a different color, need to add jQuery animations and REALLY need to work on the mobile version, putting this here for any input and critique for what I have right now http://codepen.io/kyleosborne/full/PzExQX

Good job :grin: just my two cents but I think the social media icons would look good if they are white, just to go with the white text.

Hello Kyle, I would work on adjusting the color scheme to something a bit more palatable. You can google html color palettes for some ideas. In general, color should be used sparingly. You can also google portfolio sites for inspiration. Good luck!

Hi hello,

I’m not sure what the forum’s policy is on reviving threads, but I scrapped my last portfolio page and started a new multi-page website from scratch. This is the home page http://codepen.io/kyleosborne/full/RRBdkN/