Portfolio page done, any feedback helpful, thanks

Hi, I just uploaded my portfolio page, nothing fancy. But its good foundation I think, can add animations and cooler stuff later. Form submition is not working because recaptcha plugin I will address this issue in day or two. :sleeping:
Let me know what you think.
my portfolio page


Hey Marko,
I love your portfolio, nice work!

Clean and minimal design :ok_hand:
Color scheme :thumbsup:
Responsiveness :+1:
Fonts :+1:

To me i’m not seeing any issues with it thus far, others might see it different but that’s just me. Great work once again :v:

Just one last thing, a suggestion ,you might be interested with this. http://scrollmagic.io/ ScrollMagic - The javascript library for magical scroll interactions.

Could be use for some neat tricks.

Hi, @MarkoStefanovic. This is really neat and very appealing! :thumbsup:

@Azdrian , @kevcomedia thanks I am glad you liked it.
@Azdrian I will definitely use ScrollMagic.js very cool library, bookmarked it, thanks for suggestion.

It is…Anytime. :+1: