Portfolio page done at long last, feedback needed

I’m finally done with my portfolio page. I think it’s now done in the sense that all the user stories are satisfied.

So far, the only content is my tribute page, the rest is placeholders. One thing I would have liked to do is to make the menu items change their appearance as one scrolls through the page (the active menu item would look different from the rest), however, I’m not sure how to make this work, and I’ve spent way too much time on this project already. Also, I haven’t yet had the time to examine how it would look on screens of various sizes (it looks fine on the laptop on which I worked on it).

Please let me know what you would change or add before I declare this done once and for all.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Super cool! I love the colors and how well everything goes together. Nice work with the css animations as well. Impressive, no doubt. One thing i’d recommend is adding a bit of division, though, to space out each category and “fatten” out the website. Some padding and hr’s (horizontal rule) would do for that, if you chose to do so, that is.
Overall, nicely done! I look forward to see what else you will create.

Thanks! I’ve added more padding and horizontal lines and will call it done, for now. The page still cannot do one thing that I want it to do (I wanted the menu items in the navigation bar to change their appearance as one scrolls up or down, with the current item highlighted somehow; however, this isn’t one of the requirements, and, since I’ve already spent a ridiculous amount of time on this, I’ll move on now and worry about this improvement later).

I have a question about the horizontal lines: I couldn’t decide on a color for them, so simply left it undefined, for now, and the browser decided on a color (some kind of light gray) by itself. Was the color inherited? If so, from where? Or does Bootstrap have some sort of default color for horizontal lines?

Not sure if you noticed, but on a desktop screen, the projects are not centered on the page.

Also, on a medium sized screen, the all the projects line up on the left side of the screen. Also, you will notice some of the project images are on top of each while others have a space.

I think I have now taken care of at least the centering. Thank you for pointing these issues out!

I’m checking on my ipad… I still see some centering issues with the portfolio items.

Other than that I think some headings for your sections would help. Headings help users visiting your site to quickly see what a section is about.

I’ve added headings and also (I think) taken care of (most?) centering issues. How, I wonder, do I make the top of the page NOT overlap or hide the heading when I navigate to that part of the page?