Portfolio Page - Feedback / Advice

Hi all! This is my first post on the forum and I was just looking for some feedback on my portfolio page. Also, if anyone could recommend the next step I should take in order to get a jr developer position or a front-end position, id greatly appreciate it!

My portfolio: www.jeremykorstjens.com

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You clearly have a good grasp on design; the website you made for The Hideaway looks great. However, it’s not clear how much experience you have with JavaScript. It’s cool that you did something for yourself (the blackjack app), but the logic is mostly DOM manipulation.

I’m a student too, so I don’t know exactly what to suggest, but maybe do something that requires some algorithm scripting. Preferably not tic tac toe–everyone does that. Even if implementing algorithms isn’t part of your day-to-day work, it shows problem-solving ability.

I like the design and portfolio projects. The main thing that stood out to me was that after the first arrow down, the user is on their own in terms of navigation. If I am on about me and want to get to contact me, I have to manually scroll down.

Other than that the “New Quote” button on the quote generator can be difficult to read if you happen to get a dark background color.

Thanks for the feedback! I updated the quotes button to make it easier to read and added a nav to my portfolio. I will definitely look into some JavaScript projects to add to my portfolio.

Can you add some $50,000 denominations? My finger got tired of clicking… I could have played longer but it’s a lot of $500 clicks :slight_smile:

^^ You can wire my winnings to my bank. :slight_smile:

Okay… first of all, nice site.

The photo of your fiancee disappears and gets cut off when you view the site on a 1900px wide monitor for example.

This is hard to fix since your other photos are landscape format, and yours is portrait format. Maybe make all photos the same dimensions/format.

I like the menu. This is Material, right?

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Haha wow, that is an impressive score. Ill definitely add an All-in button or maybe a higher denomination. I also updated the pictures to make them scale a little better. The menu is just css I learned from a udemy course.