Portfolio page feedback - feedback

Putting the final touches on my portfolio page before finishing up more projects.


Contact form uses a PHP backend and works.

Feedback appreciated!

Why not move all the projects from codepen to your site like you did with the Wikipedia and Pomodoro projects?

Also, if you rename each main project file to index.html you should be able to just link to the projects like:




Hi randelldawson,

I’m in the process of moving everything over to the website and hope to have that done soon. I didn’t want to rename the files and wanted them in separate folders for organization sake, but if that’s not what people typically do or if that seems sloppy I can change that no problem.

You would still have the projects in separate folders. You would only be changing wikiapp.html to index.html inside the wikiSearch folder of your site.

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ahhh I see. I can definitely do that, thanks for the feedback!