Portfolio Page - Feedback for my freelance site

Hey all,

This is my first version of my portfolio page for my freelance web development aspirations. I’m looking for feedback and criticism on all aspects of it: Design, function, performance, usability, anything please go through it and tell me what you think. Some things are placeholders, so ignore those. It can be found here: http://cameron-burkholder.github.io/cameron-burkholder . Again, any feedback is appreciated.

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First thing I noticed when I clicked on Portfolio was that I could not click on a project to see the actual result. Instead, there is only a screenshot of the project. My suggestion is to have it when the visitor either hovers or click on the project text or screenshot image, that another layer pops up with a larger view of the app and and two clickable text links. One for view the actual project and the other linking to your github account page with the project files used.

Very impressive!
I noticed that on my iPad the text and pictures of “Core Services” are mixed, hard to read.

Nice and impressive.

Some text on your slideshow are getting lost due to the dark background in some of the photos. I think too much black/blue in your photos.

“Website Renewal” – thought it was about domain renewal. Maybe use another term? Refresh? Maintenance? Upgrade? Facelift? Remodel?

Just a minor comment - The rectangular photos on your core services looks so sharp and angular… have you tried using a circle photo? Use a square photo and just apply border-radius: 50%

On certain browser width, the Core Services section is just a mess. Need to test it on all possible browser width.

You really should reduce the sizes of the images on your website. They take too long to load on a slightly slow connection. Also a live preview type of thing for your projects would be nice to see.

So I’ve fixed most of the other issues (besides the text for the image slider), but I don’t know how to fix the core services thing. On my laptop, I use the Chrome Dev Tools to test different screen sizes, and when I set it to iPad, the services look fine, but I guess on a real world browser it still gets messed up. Currently, it uses relative units (VH) to set the margin between rows. Should I use pixels instead for that media query?

As in the other reply below, I used relative VH units for the tablet media query for the margin. Should I use pixels instead? Or is there a way to make some sort of min-margin?

You need to create media queries so you can re-adjust/override the dimensions/margins of your photos/divs on certain browser sizes. Right now, you’re not using any.

Check out PineGrow editor, it allows you to edit page, and see it’s view on different browser sizes.