Portfolio Page-Feedback

Need feedback on my portfolio page please. I’m also having trouble figuring out how to make my “icon bar” drop down menu work when viewing on small screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I like the minimalistic approach of your page, but i guess you want to resize your header, make it smaller because it has lots of empty spaces which would probalby look good if you add more contents in it! But overall, your site looks simple and minimalistic which is good since it is a great trend in 2018 and most probably within the next few years!!

Hey @bcpalmer, I saw your portfolio page and think it’s really good to start. but I also agree with the @lagdave opinion too. I saw you used bootstrap for your project. So please visit bootstrap documentation there has a lot of example for every single content you need to build your web page. just go there and try to figure out how the example works.

Yeah, I second @jamal-pb95’s suggestion!

Thank you for the feedback! I definitely lean toward simple clean designs. My final portfolio will include a lot more features, I actually would like to have a carousel for my portfolio, but for this project I just followed the guidelines so I can move on to Javascript.

Thanks for the feedback, I will check out that link and see if I can figure out my drop-down issue.

this is really clean and simple. Sorry i dont have much technical feedback to share, as i am just starting out this challenge, but i love your page. the sample project on FCC had a bunch of JS so i got really scared that it did that, before I’ve learnt JS. Your portfolio page doesn’t have any JS, so its given me hope!

Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m a newbie too and I felt exactly the same when I saw the code for the example since we hadn’t covered javascript yet! I did a lot of googling and W3Schools helped A LOT. Good luck with your portfolio. If you get stuck just google it or post a question here. And it also helps to look at other codepens for examples.

As a newbie myself, I really liked your page. It is responsive enough, even without any Javascript ( I too have not used any Javascript, that’s my next lesson on FCC). One pointer though I might add: when I click the facebook, Linkedin etc buttons at the end of your page, they should link me to the their linked-pages (not necessarily your own if you do not want to). Keep on your good work!