Portfolio Page -Feedbacks Appreciated =)

Firstly thank you FCC family, for the awesome opportunities and all the feedbacks.

Here is my last project, portfolio page. I know a lot can be added or changed for visuality. But I mainly focused on getting used to Saas and technical functionality. So please consider that while writing feedbacks.

I am aware that some parts can be re-touched in different screen sizes but at least I think I am showing that I can do it. =) Also I am very happy that I claimed my RWD Certificate and started the Javascript section =)

Hey @ozukoc!
Your project looks awesome!

All the best for JS

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Thank you for your good wishes and feedback =)

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Congratulations on your RWD certification @ozukoc. Your portfolio looks good.

There’s a small typo. In the first project, the opening a element is missing the closing angle bracket (>)…right before the closing </a>

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Thank you @Roma for the feedback, I fixed it. I wonder why it did not affect the visual with the missing bracket. Anyway, thanks again. =)

Browsers can be very forgiving with a markup language. Unlike a programming language where a missing semi-colon or misplaced curly brace will cause it to not compile correctly.

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