Portfolio page first draft. Some feedback please

Hi @Thor-x86, I was looking into your portfolio. I liked very much what you did but it takes JavaScript which I don’t know much about, I’m learning here in code camp but I’m still a beginner.
I loved your work though, but it’s not what I’m doing now.
Thank you for your kindness.

I post this again in case my edits didn’t reach you.
Well hi again friend.
I could do it and I even added a nice animation to the view image text. It seems nice.
Another thing is the link works only if I press the right button (of the notebook pad in this case but it could be the mouse all the same). I checked everything and still can’t get a grab on it.
And one last thing, the black background overlaps with the navbar.
Sorry for my bad English it deteriorates when I type fast.

Hey I am back,

I think that I am going to work on fixing the black overlay on the images, but I want you to move on to fixing different parts in the mean time.

First thing is to fix your image alignment in the columns.

Bring your image columns closer together so that the distance between the top and bottom of the images is the same sized margin on the left and right of the image columns.

What yours looks like now:

The images in the far right columns look a little small. Try increasing their size slightly.

Hey kid!
So good to have you here again!
First thing I’ll do when I have the time is fix that. You’re right, it doesn"t look harmonic.
I’m studyng JS and it’s dificult at least for me. I’m around the 75% percent of the curriculum. Guess it’s when the fun begins haha.
Good to have you here again kid!
P.S. once you’re done fixing the black background please tell me what was wrong. So I won’t do it again.

Hey kid again!
I fixed the size of the third column images so they look a lot better now they’re more even to the rest of the images.
I used flexbox to center the images both vertically and horizontally, and though I couldn’t make the margins at the side match exactly those in bottom and top I think they look a lot better now. I tried to add margins everywhere at 20 px but I think it’s the flexbox condition itself which doesn’t let me set the margins other than they are now. But flexbox was the only thing that came to mind to center the images, I don’t have such a big screen so I can’t tell you whether they improved or not.
Thank you kid. You were missed.

Nice work. It looks well on larger screens.

Now add a box shadow to every image of 2px 2px 5px solid black in order to make them pop.

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Hey kid!
They do pop.
What now?
P.S.: I wrote “black” because for some reason it didn’t take “solid black”.

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So the next thing you need to make is a “about me” section. This should be its own section and should vary in color from the previous one. I suggest making it a black background with white text to make it pop. This section wont be too large.

We will work on the transition between sections later on.

I want you to design this in the way you feel is right.

This section should include a written description including interests, hobbies and skills. I also want you to include links to social medias but not contact information. If you don’t have any social medias just include the icons but the link wont go anywhere.

You don’t need a selfie, but a small photo of anything, maybe even a design, that matches you should go here.

Use font awesome (https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery) for the social media icons.

Examples I found:

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Hey kid.
I did the section. I added a navlink to the navbar to point to this section.
I used the infamous photoshop painting as a distinctive photo/no selfie.
I had some shameful trouble to insert the social media icons though. It seemed odd to me that it was only an “i” to insert as the only way provided in the page to add html. But it is and it doesn’t work. I tried to add an img src with the page address but it didn’t work either. I ask you for some help here.
I did it in black as you suggested and added mostly hobbies as the serious stuff was mostly upwards.
So…tell me what you think.