Portfolio Page - Gaps between div's and fixed navbar covering content

Hi Folks, I’ve been stuck on this forever, any help would be great, I’ve tried adjusting margins/padding everything and I keep getting gaps between my divs (the various colored sections and more so my <a href="…" targets are jumping in after the text for the headers…starting to go grey over here. What did I do wrong? I’m assuming I must have added a line of code that isn’t working well or have some syntax just slightly off. Thanks if you can help.

The issue is that your links aren’t pointed to anything. Each of the href="#" need to be changed to ‘href="#id of element that you want navigate to"’

For example, for the Home menu item, you would want your href to be href="#main-page", because the id of the div that represents Home in your section headers has the id of ‘main-page’