Portfolio page help Derek

Hey guys! In the beginning phases of Freed Code Camp and trying to do my Portfolio page. I researched a lot and input from google and some pens I’ve come up with somewhat of a portfolio page.

However for some reason I can get my header to scroll with the page (I tried googling and adding css to current header but nothing works)

For some reason my portfolio tab wont take me to portfolio section. My about tab and contact tab take me to the appropriate sections and as far as I can see my portfolio tab is labeled the same as others so I’m lost there.

So the overall project is still in progress so I still need to add backgrounds colors and what not but I want to get the requirements done first. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also if you happen t to see anything in my code that just looks off, please let me know. (link to pen below)



You have your <a href="#portfolio">Portfolio</a> and your id section is <div class="container portfolio-background" target="#portfolio" id="Portfolio">

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I looked at that all day and drove myself crazy. Went back after you pointed out that difference and fixed it in 2 seconds. Thanks for the help!