Portfolio Page Help - Dont feel ready at all

I have just finished the learning stage (HTML, CSS, JQuery) and have just finished building my first tribute page with marginal success. Heres the link if you wish to see where i went wrong and where i am lacking.

Now i have come to the build a portfolio site and i feel completely lost, i do not know how to do anything that this wants me to do really, is there anywhere i should be looking or have i just missed something and should go back to the start.

I have done nothing in the way of coding until starting the freecodecamp lessons.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Just finished the learning stage and thinking how I will create my tribute page, a search of which led me here.

Looks nice! The youtube video did mention adding:


to the href link when developing in codepen, so the link will actually open in a new window.

Good luck!

that still doesn’t seem to make sense to me, not sure what its referencing and no idea of how to make a nav bar, no idea of making the buttons scroll to a certain section of the page or optimizing the page for mobile view.

Its all just so confusing and not even know where to start…

Just keep coding. You’ll see after after a while it will just ‘click’.
Don’t give up!

Nothing wrong with that. That is a fine first page.

One issue I notice, you have a little weirdness with your list:

  <div id="overview" <ol>
    <li><b>Roughly 18"</b> Long from Head to Tail</li>
    <li>Just over <b>1 year old</b></li>
    <li>Birthday falls on <b>2nd of May 2017</b></li>
    <li>Weighting in at roughly: <b>390grams</b></li>

There is no closing tag for the div. I would just get rid of the div and make the whole thing a ul.

  <ul id="overview"> 
    <li><b>Roughly 18"</b> Long from Head to Tail</li>
    <li>Just over <b>1 year old</b></li>
    <li>Birthday falls on <b>2nd of May 2017</b></li>
    <li>Weighting in at roughly: <b>390grams</b></li>

And then I would apply this styling to make it look a little better:

  #overview {
    width: 25em;
    margin: 0 auto;
    text-align: left;
    margin-bottom: 20px;

And all that CSS should go into the codepen CSS pane. Codepen has a particular way to do things. Everything in the head section should be handled in codepen settings and there should be no style tags in the html. Codepen is a nice training environment but is a little different than building pages in the “real” world.

But still, a fine first page. Keep up the good work.

I want to learn the same things also, and was a bit overwhelmed. But after reading some messages feel this will come thru time in studying and re-studying and learning more.

Particularly I was talking about fixing your link at the bottom that goes to another website. The target tells it to open the page in a new window/tab, instead of in the current tab.

<a href='http://www.thebeardeddragon.org/'>this link </a>for more information</font>

so this gets changed to:

<a href='http://www.thebeardeddragon.org/' target="_blank">this link </a>for more information</font>

not sure about the difference between using one ’ or two " - you might have to experiment with that.

Thank you both for the help and guidance, i have since revisited my page and made some adjustments, neatened some stuff up ect. Care to take a look again?