Portfolio page help & feedback

Hi, I’ve just finished my portfolio page so I’m looking for some feedback & criticism on areas to be improved. However, there’s a couple of things that I am still having problems with:

The click area of the “contact me” button at the top is across the whole page (to the left & right of button) rather than restricted to just the button only, and I can’t seem to figure out why…

I’m currently using placeholder for the project pictures at the moment, any idea how can I use images similar to what codepen preview is showing?

Any other feedback/criticism is welcomed too! Cheers!

Here’s what I have at the moment: https://codepen.io/JayYong/pen/YjGoGK


Very cool. I like the color choices.
The font is nice as well, though I do find it slightly challenging to read at some points, perhaps if they had a similar font that wasn’t as bolded it would be a bit easier.

Also i was add a little padding under your footer, it sits a little too close to the bottom of the browser for my personal liking.

I think its on the basic side, I think there are some ways you could step it up, add some pictures or whatnot. But its a great more basic straightforward site.




Looks really cool!
Feedback: contact me button is good, but the blur and dropshadow on-hover are too big.

Codepen preview: go to settings > pen details and scroll to the bottom. You’ll be able to download big and small screenshots of your pen.

contact button: I can’t get into debug mode, but the margin should be taking up the remaining space on either side b/c you have margin: auto;


Thanks for the replies and feedbacks! Will continue to work it. Cheers!