Portfolio page help

i started to do the portfolio page. and as soon as i started to put my fingers to the keys my mind went blank as to what to do. I know my html and css. after a bit i kinda just banged something out. when i step away, i can think of all kinds of ideas and such but when i go to do it, i go blank. i can do other peoples pages just fine, but when i try to do my own, im at a loss. for the menu i did a basic button menu. I have thought of a doing a scrollspy but i wasnt sure.

can you write ideas down on paper, so that you remember them when you come to write?
Not many people can just sit down and write, i find that headers and placeholders help immensely when i fill out a page into what i want to do, and for those moments when i can’t access i either take notes in a book (what i like to call my project book, or on some form of note on my phone)