Portfolio page- how does it look to you guys?

Here is the link:

I started building it right before FCC made the changes to it`s program and I started it using bootstrap, so I just decided to finish this one using it as well as opposed to redoing it with flexbox/grid.
What do you guys think about it? any adjustments that you would make?

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I like the parallax effect, however I would personally change the background image for something less distracting. Also I’d suggest to put your profile picture and the about me text in the same section.

The functionality of your webpage is good, but design-wise is bit weak. My best advice is to get inspiration on sites like dribble, etc, even if you are not a natural designer getting inspiration will help a lot.

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Thanks for the input, I’ll check out dribble

I really like that background illustration/image - it’s visually interesting to me. But, like the other person said, it makes your actual content a bit difficult to read, so that’s no good. I’m a total newbie learner, so I’m not sure how to do this… but maybe you could add big color blocks that your text will sit in (like how you did for your About Me section), but make them semi- transparent. So you’re not breaking up the visual element of that dominant image, but your image also isn’t making it totally difficult for the user to read.

Also, I think you could make your Contact Me buttons a bit bigger and more obvious that they’re buttons.

Oh! And one last thing I noticed. That background image doesn’t scale with the screen size. Not sure if that’s intentional or not??

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thanks for mentioning the background not scaling. I set width to 100vw and height to 100vh and forgot about it. I should have checked if you do it another way for fixed backgrounds. Ya I kind of liked the text floating just over the background but it definitely makes it more difficult to read depending on where you are as far as scrolling goes, I see your points. And bigger buttons? I think I like the size, but I could definitely make them stand out more. Thanks for your suggestions.