Portfolio Page! http://codepen.io/codehowdy/full/kkwqkm Feedback!

I think its cool! There are a few things that I did, that I know had an easier way out there somewhere. It took way more time than I had thought. However, learned a TON.

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Hi, this is interesting. I love the hero image, and Jake the Dog.

There are two things you may want to do to help it be more responsive… add the jQuery to your JavaScript settings, and a meta tag for the viewport in the html stuff for "head’ settings.

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input! I havn’t done anything with javascript yet, but I plan on revising this page quite a bit in the future as I progress through freecodecamp.

This doesn’t need javascript coding, but the jquery is needed to keep the bootstrap working.


Look here for info about using viewport for a responsive site.