Portfolio page i have a problem

how to get the link of my portfolio page

Where did you create your page?

My project page in free code camp

are you trying to post it online? You will need to copy the code out if that is the case (to a place like codepen or repl.it or github pages)

No i just wanna put it in the portfolio page

do you mind posting a link to specific part of the curriculum you are struggling with?
If you mean this one (below) for eg then your code should be inside the index.html and styles.css and that is all you need for this specific part of the curriculum.

i mean i wanna for eg put the link of the tribuite page in the portfolio page but i cant get the link to put it

My suggestion in this case is to use an external code hosting service like codepen or repl.it (or GitHub pages) and then use the project links from them ( I do not think there is any other way to do it unfortunately).

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