Portfolio page - looking for fcc family feedback

Here is my portfolio page. Wanted to try something different so the background video moves on scroll. Does the video scroll when you visit the link?

Portfolio page

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Unfortunately, the video doesn’t play when I hit play button :frowning:

But your portfolio looks cool though!

When you scroll the video is supposed to move changing the background.
Thanks for the cool points though.

My two cents…
I like how the page transitions in to black at the top and the bottom.
I liked your use of icons. It looks professional.
The spacing of the text underneath the “about fight” and “about me” looks a bit weird in full screen. Its like half the text has a different margin.
The video icon was a bit confusing as I clicked it and no video played.
I thought that the background image looked a bit glitchy when it changed as I scrolled.

I really like all of your projects too.
Hope that helps

Thanks for your critique. I’m going to work on that immediately.